Selling or renting your own home does not necessarily have to be a stressful process. It's as easy as taking a few photos, writing a short description of the property, creating a new property for sale or renting at and responding to emails and / or phone calls from interested buyers.

With our "For Sale By Owner" service, your own house or apartment to sell or rent will be advertised on our website, in excellent visibility and also on the most relevant and relevant social networks for this purpose. You, the seller owner, receive and manage all the contacts generated by your ad and, best of all, you do not have to pay agency fees when your property is sold or rented!

It is very simple to create an ad to sell or rent your property.
Follow the steps.

In order to register and advertise your property for sale or lease in the Algarve, you must first create a user account. To do this, click on the  user p tx  symbol found in the top menu of the site next to the flags. Fill in the User Information, confirm that you are not a robot, confirm that you agree with the terms and conditions and click the Save button to save your registration.
You will receive in your email a link that you must follow to activate your account.
Once this step is completed, you will be able to, at any time, authenticate yourself on our website (click on the user p tx symbol) and create or manage your properties.

From the moment you authenticate, you can verify that under the symbol user p tx the sign V appears and you will have here a new menu with three options: Edit Profile, Add Property and Exit.

Using the Edit Profile option, you can edit your user account and make any changes you deem necessary. On the Your properties tab you will see the properties you have registered and you can manage them. You can create a new property registration to sell or rent by clicking on the yellow "Add" button.

Through the Add Property option you can add a new property to sell or rent to be accessible on our website for those looking for houses for sale or rent in the Algarve.

With the Exit option you can close your authentication. From that moment on, all actions you take on the site will be as an unregistered user.

Add New Property

When you select the Add Property option in the user menu or Advertise Your Property in the main menu, you are presented with the screen to enter a new property or property for sale or rent.
We will dedicate some time to fill in this screen as it is very important for the presentation of your property also in terms of being able to enjoy good visibility in the search engines.
At the top you will see two tabs: General and Translation.
All data to be entered are performed under the General tab. Since the site is developed in English (aimed at the international market) and in Portuguese (aimed at the Portuguese-speaking market), all data should preferably be entered in English.
We selected the translation tab just to translate some things like property title and descriptions into Portuguese. All other data is machine-translated by the program.

Then the introduction of the property data is developed in four different screens that are selectable by the tabs General Information, Details, Other Information and Photos of the Property.

The filling in of these data is more or less intuitive so we will not do a detailed description here. We will, however, draw attention to some fields that, if correctly filled in, can make the difference between a good or a bad indexing of your property in the search engines in English and in Portuguese.
Are they:
- Property Description (both in English and Portuguese). You should try to make a description of your property or property with details that are important from the point of view of the people you are looking for, containing the important keywords for the searches that are normally carried out by those looking for houses to sell or rent, with details not only from the house but also from the surrounding area.

- On the Details tab - Tags section. Here you must enter several keywords (in English and Portuguese) that are relevant not only for the general sale and location action but also for the more specific context of your home or apartment. These keywords will help search engines better index your property according to your particular criteria.

- On the Other Information tab - Other Information section. Here it is very important to introduce (in English and Portuguese) the Meta Description Information. This description is essential for search engines to make a good indexing of your property according to the criteria according to which you want your property to be found through the search engine searches.
This description must have up to 160 characters and must be consistent with the keywords and the title of the property.
Preferably at least one key word must appear in the property title, key words and description.

- To show your property and surroundings in addition to what static photographs allow, you can make a video, put it on Youtube and insert your code in the Video section of the property. This will allow for a special detachment for your property.

- Finally, in the Photos of the Property section, you can enter up to 22 photos of your property in order to show what you are looking for the aspects that you consider most relevant to your house or apartment for sale or lease. The photos will be presented with the dimensions of 640x480 pixels, so you should be careful not to publish photos of much larger dimensions.

Also in the photos you can take advantage to take advantage of the search engines for a better ranking of your property.
1 - When preparing your photos for inclusion on the site, give each one a description consistent with what you want to promote with several words separated by a hyphen (some in Portuguese and others in English) and avoiding Portuguese accentuation characters, eg housing-for-sale-albufeira-algarve-excellent-localization-by-own.jpg
2 - Description of the photo. It is also important that you fill in a brief description of each of the photos to help not only customers viewing your property better understand what you are seeing but also, once again, because you are feeding search engines with words relevant to what you want to promote.

During data entry you can, from time to time and especially if you do not complete the entry process all at once, click on the Save button (save and return to the summary of your properties. You can continue to enter by clicking on the Edit button) or Apply (save and stay in the same place) to safeguard the data you are entering.

At the end of the data entry, you must click the Apply button so that your property is ready to be validated.

At this point the data entry screen will disappear and you will be presented with a screen with some data about the property you just entered and some buttons for making changes and managing your property.

You must click on the Property Approval Request button in order to alert the site manager that there is a property to check and approve. As soon as your property is approved you will receive a warning message and your property will be visible for consultation by interested buyers.

At any time, selecting "Edit Profile" in your user menu, you will be presented with a screen where you can change your user data and make changes to your registered properties using the buttons and links shown. You can add a new property, stop listing a property, or highlight a property, which makes that property appear in the listings above the others.

If you are not yet registered or have not authenticated and click on the option to add your property in the top menu, a message will appear informing you that you need to register first and open the form to login or register. If you are already registered, enter your login details to enter.
Below three more options to use if you are not registered yet or if you have forgotten your username or password.

If you have any questions or if you encounter any difficulties or errors while using our program, please send us a message here so that we can help you.

Tips to Make Your Ad More Visible

To take full advantage of all the advantages of indexing and visibility that our software can give to your ad read here the Tips for Better Visibility compiled and explained by our technicians.